Retiring gracefully is what everybody dreams of. After spending a lifetime being employed or managing a business, a person will at one time or another wish to sit back and relax. Some people will want to just stay at their current homes and do lesser of their previous chores while there are those who will go to a place where there is more sun and color. There are numerous best places to retire and which everybody should consider. Given at retirement age a person will be earning lesser or nothing at all, finances are what a person will need to factor in first. Some retirement cities require quite a load of money while in others a person will only need as little as $1,000 per month. Below are some of the places that a person will enjoy life, relax and spend whatever they have in style;

  1. Boone, North Carolina

    This is a grand place to spend the sunset years. It is near the most spectacular skiing, snowshoeing, winter hiking and other winter related spots and it has great landscape views. The cool looking Blue Ridge Mountains will certainly make the experience ever so enjoyable and pristine. For the people who love trekking, then Boone is the idea retirement spot to be planning for there are numerous trails that will keep one fit and thoroughly entertained. On the downside, the place is quite pricey because an average home will set one back an amount in the range of $200,000. However, there is free bus transport for the locals.

  2. Traverse City, Michigan

    This is one of the best places to retire in the world. With over 149 lakes to stare at, the place is perfect for owning a lake house. The city is full of color and is loved because of its security, pleasure features and comfort. There are several activities to keep one’s blood flowing such as taking a ride to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, climbing to the top of the grand sand dunes and taking a picnic at the freshwater beaches. On average a home will go for about $155,000.

  3. Walnut Creek, California

    This is simply one of the few places where life epitomizes. This is the place where everyone who loves watching nature and absorbing everything it has to offer must run to for their retirement. At $400,000, a home will present the owner with a grand view of great expanse of space. There are numerous trails to take whether riding a bike, driving or just running. It is easy to drive to the summit of Mt Diablo which is nearby.

  4. Flagstaff, Arizona

    This is the best place to save for if looking for a place where the weather is all round and nature bountiful is all present. Flagstaff is one of the sunniest places in the US and with a low humidity level, this is simply one of the best places to retire to. It is a place where winter melts fast and summer rules. It is simply a great place where sunset years will be spent watching the sun set and rise literally.

  5. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

    This is the ideal place to go for when considering retiring to. The average median cost for a home is just $97,000. There are a lot of amenities that a person will be spoilt to enjoy. This is a city that has some of the best hospitals and shopping is ever easy. If over 65 of age, one is entitled to free train and bus rides.

  6. Port Charlotte, Florida

    His is one of the most affordable retirement spots in the US and which presents a person with a plethora of amenities. Life will never be bring here because at a median home price of $59 grand, a person gets to own an oceanfront with a boat to take a tour around the world. This is the one spot where life starts all over again because fun activities are unending. For the dreams that one had when young, they will be fulfilled here. The city doesn’t have state income tax.

  7. Cuenca, Ecuador

    This is one of the best places to retire which will cost less than $40,000. It is located right outside El Cajas National Park and a person will have an easy access to not only the park but also the amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With a traditional setting, the place is lined with clean roads, well run schools, good hospitals and good transport system. For anyone who has an idea what Barcelona or Venice accords one, well, this place gives a good replication of the same.

  8. Granada, Nicaragua

    This is a city that is well known for being a grand tourist site. More and more people are flocking here because of the good security and the availability of other amazing amenities that a tourist would wish for. As for being one of the best places to retire, Granada is located near Mombacho which a dormant volcanic mountain. The society is well integrated with English speakers and is terrifically affordable. With less than $1,000 per month, life will be nothing but blissful.

  9. El Poblado, Medellin, Cambodia

    Forget about the drug crimes that used to dog Medellin in the past decades. The city is amazingly safe now and a person will find El Poblado as one of the best places to retire to. Crime in this part of the grand city is almost nonexistent and amenities such as transport definitely ideal. This is a very affordable retirement spot to seriously think about.

  10. Chiang Mai, Thailand

    If looking for the best places to retire to, then this is one of the choices that one should have. This is a historic city that is well placed among the tallest mountains in the region. With less than $1,000, life in Chiang Mai is one that a person will relish when relaxing and enjoying all that nature brings forth. The community is English and there shouldn’t be any worry that a translator will ever be needed.